Scott, here in Reno, I'm sure they'd be happy to lay odds on that bracket you've got below. They're eager for folks to gamble on just about anything because they need customers here.

When I was checking in to a hotel/casino this afternoon, I remarked to the woman at registration how quiet it was. She nodded and said, "At least it's not as bad as across the street where they just let go about 300 people." The economy is so bad here that the tourism agency laid off 16 workers last Friday. The agency is funded mostly by room taxes.

I got quite an earful from this woman who checked me in (she didn't want me to use her name and kind of whispered across the desk). "You're talking to people about the bailout? Well I'm 64 and they ALL can take that bailout and... " I won't complete the sentence in mixed company. She doesn't believe the stories about the economy going into a tailspin if there is no bailout. She just doesn't believe them. And I predict we'll hear lots more of that sentiment as we head across the country.

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