A streetcar in Portland
A streetcar in Portland - 
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Stacey Vanek-Smith: The crisis on Wall Street has definitely filtered down to Main Street. Mitchell Hartman took a walk down his Main Street to see how Portland businesses people are faring.

I'm Stuart Ankrom, one of the founding principals of Ankrom Moisan Associated Architects.

Our work is very much focused on the private sector, and that requires developers that can get loans for real estate projects and certainly, if the credit market is tightening, they're slowing down. We're actively marketing, we're increasing our diversification of the types of projects we pursue. And now we're refocusing chasing some additional medical work and institutional work that we didn't pursue before.

I'm Jessica Mellander, manager of Bask in the Sun Tanning and Airbrushing.

Right now our main focus, I guess, would be just to save, save, save as much as we can, because you just, I don't think we can really anticipate it. So every dollar we make we try to put as much of that away as we can.

My name is Randy Hufford and I'm president of Plus One Motorsports.

Since our competition has been going out of business, we're picking up what little business there is, which has made up for any loss we would have had. So it's a strange balance.

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