Dirty car with wash me written on it
Dirty car with wash me written on it - 
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Scott Jagow: Yesterday, you'll remember, we talked about BS in the workplace. And in making a point, our guest said no one in the history of the world had washed a rental car. Well, listener Brad Brooks-Rubin in Takoma Park, Maryland, wrote in to correct that statement.

Brad Brooks-Rubin: I was on this 10,000-mile road trip. I had a white rental car, and the car was just painful to look at after a while. It was just covered in dirt and dead bugs and all kinds of other stuff. And, I don't know, something came over me and I just decided that it was the right thing to do to get the car washed.

Jagow: And I understand, at your wedding, your best man brought this up.

Brooks-Rubin: He did. He was with me. He was probably the chief person who teased and jabbed me about having done this. And he decided that nothing would bring the house down more during my toast than to raise the fact that I was probably the first person in the history world to get a rental car washed.

Jagow: Well, you know what Brad, that probably says a lot of good things about you.

Brooks-Rubin: Well, I hope so.

Jagow: All right Brad. Thanks for joining us.

Brooks-Rubin: Sure.