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Scott Jagow: To find out what some people think about what's happened recently, we hit the street. More specifically, Wall Street.

Ed: Ed, I'm an investor. The country has just not eaten its vegetables in a very long time, and it's time we sat down and ate our vegetables instead of just passing out free money and lowering interest rates and manipulating the thing around. We just need to be a lot more disciplined, 'cause we are in a mess and heading for deep, deep doo-doo.

Eric: Eric MacNamie, stockbroker. I work right down the street, 44 Wall Street. The market's cheap right now, this is the time when you buy. Everybody's gotta have a positive attitude about this. I always see people walking down the street, long face, "Oh, the market's down, the market's down." Who cares? It's a volatile market, everybody can still make plenty of money.

Anna: Anna Crockis, I'm a student at NYU. I'm from Sweden and the dollar is just so low right now, so, well since I get paid in U.S. dollars, I'm pretty broke. Whereas my friend, who's visiting from Sweden, is, you know, rich, 'cause the dollar is really low.

Jagow: Some thoughts from Wall Street yesterday.