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Scott Jagow: There's a new survey out this morning on climate change. It's from George Mason University. About half of those polled said global warming is a serious problem. Democrats expressed more concern than Republicans. But there's talk, and then there's walk. Sarah Gardner reports from our Sustainability Desk.

Sarah Gardner: The survey asked Republicans and Democrats about 14 different behaviors, everything from recycling to driving a fuel-efficient car. Turns out Republicans and Democrats are about equal when it comes to really going green.

George Mason's Ed Maibach says yes, Democrats donate more to environmentally causes and vote more for those kind of candidates:

Ed Maibach: But the actions that tended to be more market-based, like using less energy at home, buying energy efficient appliances and insulation, there tended to be almost no difference whatsoever between Democrats and Republicans.

Maibach says consuming and flying less were among the least popular eco-behaviors.

Maibach: So I think while we're talkin' a good green game, overall we're not really getting there just yet.

Maibach says affordability may not be the problem. He found few differences in green behavior between wealthy and poorer households.

So what is the problem? That, he says, is the subject of future research.

I'm Sarah Gardner for Marketplace.

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