A small number of striking writers showed-up to picket in front of NBC studios on Monday in New York City.
A small number of striking writers showed-up to picket in front of NBC studios on Monday in New York City. - 
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KAI RYSSDAL: NBC is starting to tally up the damage from yesterday's cancellation of the Golden Globes awards ceremony. Ad Age reported this afternoon the network's getting ready to give back as much as $10 [million] to $15 million to advertisers whose spots will never see the light of day. The Globes telecast had been scheduled for Sunday night. It is now the first tangible casualty of the writers strike. David Carr covers Hollywood for The New York Times. He says there's going to be plenty of collateral damage.

DAVID CARR: When it comes to being among the chosen, money is no object and they spend like pirates. And nobody is going to be in that festive mood flashing money all around. So everybody from bellhops to bartenders is going to be feeling it.

There is a consolation prize for those who will take home one of the Hollywood Foreign Press Association trophies. The winners will be announced at a press conference. Nice, but not exactly something to get all gussied up for.

Allen Schwartz: I think it's a huge, huge, huge hit.

Allen Schwartz is the designer for the label ABS. He's usually one of the first to market with imitations of all those red-carpet dresses we usually see.

SCHWARTZ: It's tremendous exposure for the type of style that's on trend. That's what I mean. The exposure is immeasurable.

But florists and tailors and hair stylists all get business from the awards too. Katya Marson works at Jose Eber, that's a salon up in Beverly Hills. She's been doing Hollywood hair for more than 22 years.

Katya Marson: One of my producer clients came in, she was like, "Can you believe it? You know, everyone's in the show. Wow. It's cancelled.

Marson doesn't just do the big names. She handles directors and producers, their spouses, and all the other people who love the glitz and get done up. Parties and galas go on all throughout the night And so, I guess, does the styling.

Marson: Some people, realizing that we're open, want to come in and say, "Oh, I'm having a big party. Can I get my hair done, too?"

Clock's ticking for the Oscar parties. They're scheduled for February the 24th. Ad Age says ABC could be looking at advertising givebacks of maybe $80 million if they're cancelled.

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