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Helping Scott’s mom get ‘Organized’

Marketplace Staff Nov 22, 2007

Helping Scott’s mom get ‘Organized’

Marketplace Staff Nov 22, 2007


Scott Jagow: A new magazine debuted today. It’s the first one devoted entirely to helping people get their homes in order. Why not? Home organizing is about a $7-billion business. This magazine’s simply called Organize.

As soon as I heard about this, only one person came to mind. Hi, Mom.

Sharon Jagow: Hi, Scott.

Scott: How are you?

Sharon Jagow: I’m just fine, how are you?

Scott: Good. My whole life, I’ve heard the same phrase over and over again: “I’m just trying to get organized.” Exactly what does that mean?

Sharon Jagow: It’s a 37-year-old clean-out. And I’ve been working on it steadily. And I’m actually doing better — you know that I’m doing better, because we have a car in the garage now. And you know there wasn’t one before.

Scott: Right, because of all the boxes.

Sharon Jagow: We’ve had three moves, and a lot of those boxes never got opened.

Scott: Well, that’s because you don’t throw anything away. Now you know that.

Sharon Jagow: That’s right. I have lived with the premise that you don’t throw anything away. I get that from Grandma, and from my whole family. You know, somebody might be able to use it, someone else’s trash is someone else’s treasure.

Scott: So if I said, “Mom, can you go find my baseball cards?” would you be able to find them?

Sharon Jagow: Actually, I know where they are.

Scott: You do? Where are they?

Sharon Jagow: You sister has them. She’s keeping them… safeguarded for you.

Scott: Today, they launched an entire magazine devoted to being organized. Is that something you would take time to read?

Sharon Jagow: I think I need a subscription to it. I think a lot of people struggle with “Just how do I do this?” And it’s not only how you do it, it’s getting the motivation to continue to do it, and do it so you get a closure on it where you can say, “I have truly done it and got rid of it.”

Scott: All right. Sharon Jagow, professional organizer. Thanks, Mom.

Sharon Jagow: You’re welcome. And the next time you come home, there’s going to be less.

Scott: We’ll see.

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