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KAI RYSSDAL: What do you suppose happens when one of the world's two commercial airplane makers can't quite get its act together? You could start with an 85-point drop in the Dow, and then move on to criticism of Chicago-based Boeing.

The company announced today its much-touted new design, the 787, won't be delivered to customers on time. Marc Babej's with the marketing consulting firm Reason.

MARC BABEJ: Clearly, they've got egg on their face -- particularly because earlier this year, there were all these stories about the A380, Airbus' plane, being delayed, and the 787 being on schedule and everything looking good. And now, suddenly, you've got a similar kind of development on Boeing's end.

It's not just its act the company can't get together. Boeing executive Scott Carson said on a conference call today they literally can't put the planes together either.

SCOTT CARSON: The problems we've had with parts have ranged from fasteners that we've talked about a lot to clips and brackets and small assemblies being provided further down in the supply chain.

The last aviation word today goes to market strategist Marc Babej, and the odds more delays.

BABEJ: You know, I think at this point, who knows? Because next thing we know, Airbus could have another delay, or Boeing could have another delay. I mean, at this point, I wouldn't place any bets.

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