Shoud I retire at 62 or wait until I reach full retirement age? It's a question we get all the time.

To intelligently explore that questions, Bud Hebeler at offers two Social Security programs on his website. One if for singles and the other is for married couples.

The former president of Boeing Aerospace Company has just revised and simplified the program for married couples. The program includes the Medicare Part B deductions, a simple guide to the taxable part of Social Security, and survivor's benefits.

It's a nice tool for thinking through a common--but complex--question.

I also really like his new book, "Getting Started in a Financially Secure Retirement." (Full disclosure: he very kindly compliments the quality of my financial advice.) Anyway, his book is geared toward helping individuals and families achieving their financial goals, not lining the pocket of the mutual fund industry and other financial advisors.

Check it out (and then let me know what you think.) It's a worthwhile addition to any bookshelf.

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