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Scott Jagow: In Washington, Congress just left for its August recess. So, you might you see your representative around town the next few weeks, and they might be carrying a packet of information with them. Jill Barshay tells us what might be in it.

Jill Barshay: Lawmakers tour their states and districts during the August recess.

You wouldn't think they'd need help recalling their past seven months of legislative work, but it's a tradition for party leaders in both the House and Senate to supply talking points. This year, it's a blame game.

Adam Putnam is a Republican congressman from Florida. He wants his colleagues to bash the Democrats over tax hikes and pork projects. He put together the list of points for House Republicans.

Adam Putnam: Almost all of it is dedicated to economic issues. Because fortunately for us, and unfortunately for the nation, there are an awful lot of irresponsible tax increases to talk about.

Democratic Party leaders want their colleagues to hammer the Bush Administration. They say life's gotten too tough on the middle class, and the number of uninsured Americans has risen.

They're trumpeting a new poll that shows Americans prefer Democrats to Republicans on the economy.

I'm Jill Barshay for Marketplace.