The Internet pioneer Marc Andreessen, co-creator of the web browser Mosaic and co-founder of Netscape, has a blog. It is well worth reading.

His latest post is on how to hire the best people and, no, it's not brainpower or mental bandwidth. He focuses on drive, curiousity and ethics. Andreessen offers up tips on conducting a good job interview. He ends his reflections for managers hiring talent with this all-too-often forgotten point:

Finally, although this goes without saying: value the hell out of the great people you do have on your team. Given all of the above, they are incredibly special people.

Other posts include: Why there is no Web 2.0 (thank goodness), his obsession with productivity porn (a fascinating guide for focusing on doing what you love, including a strong argument against keeping a schedule), and why the current boom in Silicon Valley isn't a bubble.

The posts are long and insightful. Senior management in any organization that values creativity should bookmark it.

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