View of New York City from the Empire State Building
View of New York City from the Empire State Building - 
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SCOTT JAGOW: In New York today, 30 mayors from around the world are getting together. They'll be talking about global warming, specifically what their cities can do to reduce carbon output. Sarah Gardner has more from our Sustainability Desk.

SARAH GARDNER: Cities consume three-quarters of the world's energy and from London to Tokyo, they're taking a lead role in fighting global warming.

But a study of U.S. cities pledging Kyoto-type CO2 reductions predicts many will miss those goals by a wide margin.

Austin, Texas mayor Will Wynn recently pushed through an aggressive plan. He says greening Austin's police cars, garbage trucks and construction equipment will be a challenge.

MAYOR WILL WYNN: Sadly we're very much a car-dependent city and economy down here and it's going to be pretty hard on the automobile side to have an impact as soon as I would like.

Wynn is confident, however, Austin's city-owned utility can generate more green power. He's also pushing energy efficient building codes just like Mayor Bloomberg in New York.

Bloomberg may face the most heat of any mayor at today's summit. He recently proposed an $8 commuter tax in Manhattan.

I'm Sarah Gardner for Marketplace.

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