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KAI RYSSDAL: Here with more on the business community's take on this story is our own Rico Gagliano of the Marketplace Players. Now Rico, you are not a businessman.

RICO GAGLIANO: Well, Kai, I'm a humorist. And if you don't think humor is a business, just look at the grosses for "Borat."

RYSSDAL: All right, what do you think of Secretary Paulson's suggestions?

GAGLIANO: Well, I'd like to focus on one in particular: this idea that legality is less important than doing what's right. Myself — and I think the rest of the business community — couldn't agree more. But we'd like to hear specifics.

RYSSDAL: Like what?

GAGLIANO: Well, for instance, Kai, my business is making people laugh. But lots of other people do that. David Sedaris, Jay Leno to name a few. So it seems right that I should be able to have them . . . deported.

RYSSDAL: Deport David Sedaris and Jay Leno.

GAGLIANO: Among others, yes. I'd start with my immediate competitors here at Marketplace, of course: Cash Peters, Sean Cole. Deport them to an island somewhere. Treat them well, keep them fed, you know, but "No communicating with the outside world, you guys!"

RYSSDAL: But, that's against the law.

GAGLIANO: Exactly, and that's the frustration. This is a brutal regulatory environment! Where I, as a businessman, am unable to do the right thing! Is Paulson willing to move beyond the so-called "legality" of deportation without trial, in order to unleash my earning potential? And by extension this economy's growth potential? That's what I and the business community want to know.

RYSSDAL: And I guess you'll be keeping a pretty close eye on the story?

GAGLIANO: You bet I will — and Sedaris? Watch your back.

RYSSDAL: Rico Gagliano is of course just kidding, but just in case you think he's not we ought to tell you his opinions are his and not ours.