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KAI RYSSDAL: And finally today . . . the Eurovision song contest. The annual competition draws viewers from all over Europe. Each country has an entry, most of them in the pablum-pop vein. Last year, Britain's entry flopped — finished 19th of 24.

Today the BBC, which chooses England's entry, announced their plan for dominance next time 'round: the singer Morrissey. He's in talks to write what Brits hope will be the winning tune.

Odd since Morrissey, A) Doesn't really write happy songs, and B) isn't a huge fan of Britain, and has lived in L.A. for years.

The Marketplace Players channel Morrissey at Eurovision 2007.

"MORRISSEY": Oh, Britain is dead and it's dying now

It's drunken and falling down

And broken its head, it's dead and bleeding

Stop feeding me lies, Britain!

I'll stab out my own eyes

We're smitten with money, wealth and fame

But lame like a horse that's been broken

Again and again

Our former colonies rise as we fall

India booms, Britain's profits appall

So let's end it all with tall bottles of poison

We deserve it

We deserve it, we deserve it, we deserve it

RYSSDAL: And some nice applause from the French contingent there . . .

CROWD VOICES: Bravo! Magnifique!

RYSSDAL: Rico Gagliano for the Marketplace Players.