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SCOTT JAGOW: The NFL playoffs start this weekend. That means the Super Bowl is just around the corner. Time for companies to shell out millions of dollars for a few seconds of your attention. Dan Grech has more from Madison Avenue.

DAN GRECH: Remember the ad last year when the guy hides his Bud Light from guests by having his fridge disappear behind a revolving wall? The fridge magically appears in the apartment next door.

[ Bud Light ad: "Guys hurry up, the magic fridge is back!" ]

Budweiser's ad was the top-rated spot for the eighth year in a row.

BILL CARROLL: The Super Bowl has become the awards show of advertisers.

Bill Carroll is with Katz Television Group. He says in an age of fragmented media, the Super Bowl has kept is appeal to advertisers.

CARROLL: It is one of the few, I guess in the old days we'd call them water cooler events.

CBS will inch up ad rates from last year. A 30-second spot in the first quarter will go for $2.6 million.

In New York, I'm Dan Grech for Marketplace.