A lone winter golfer in Massachusetts walks the course.
A lone winter golfer in Massachusetts walks the course. - 
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SCOTT JAGOW: In New England, it's been so warm, with so little snow, people are still golfing if you can believe that. Here's Curt Nickisch.

CURT NICKISCH: Ski resorts have half their runs closed and condo reservations are down, but the fair weather means you can hear the call of 'Fore!' across the region.

In Maine, the Bath Country Club is still raking in greens fees in its longest season ever.

DICK CARROLL: The ground is not frozen, it's in actually very good shape.

Golf Director Dick Carroll has even scheduled a tournament for New Year's Eve. More than 80 people have plunked down entry fees to play:

CARROLL: We just had to order an extra case of champagne. Afterwards we'll have champagne for everyone to toast in the New Year.

A warm January would mean a record 11th-straight month of tee times, giving the golf course a winter windfall in what traditionally has been a winter wonderland.

I'm Curt Nickisch for Marketplace.