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SCOTT JAGOW: If you're stocking up the liquor cabinet for New Year's Eve, here's something to think about: What you buy could be a sign of how you view the economy. Here's Alex Goldmark.

ALEX GOLDMARK: For the third year in a row, California sparkling wine makers are claiming a year-over-year increase in sales, should be considered a sign of growing consumer optimism.

They even call it the "bubbly index."

But what about other high-end liquor?

PERRY LUNTZ: There's been a steady increase in super premiums, ultra-super premiums, ultra ultra super premiums.

Perry Luntz, is senior editor for Beverage Media Group. He has his own explanation for the popularity of $80 bottles of booze.

LUNTZ: The trend in general is carpe diem. If it requires spending $10 more a bottle, why not?

Because, hey, you only live once, it might as well taste good.

I'm Alex Goldmark, for Marketplace.