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Promote it the UK way

Stephen Beard Dec 27, 2006


MARK AUSTIN THOMAS: Burger King isn’t getting to “have it your way” in the UK.

Burger King decided to stop all ads to kids before the new law went into effect, but now the company says that will take a big bite out of its profits.

Harry Wallop of the Daily Telegraph of the London Telegraph:

HARRY WALLOP: No one calculated the impact it would have on the fast food industry. They only calculated how bad it would be for advertisers and for the broadcasters and they came up with a figure of 39 million pounds in lost advertising revenues, which in the grand scheme of things is not that much. But no one actually thought to look at the likes of McDonald’s and Burger King and see how big a hit they would take.

Wallop says the stress on healthy eating at fast food restaurants has created a backlash.

WALLOP: The salads at McDonalds have not gone down well and Burger King themselves got into a lot of hot water but also gained a lot of respect for heavily promoting its Double Whopper which is a very calorific burger, it’s over 800 calories, and they said, ‘well you know we sell burgers and our burgers are good, why can’t we promote them?’ So I think we’re just going to see them promoting more heavily towards adults.

In a worst case scenario, Burger King estimates it could lose close to $200 million or 15 percent of its sales in the UK.

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