Boxes of Nintendo Wii game consoles
Boxes of Nintendo Wii game consoles - 
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SCOTT JAGOW: So far, here's the scorecard on the new game consoles: Nintendo's Wii is outselling the PlayStation 3 by a two-to-one margin. Alex Goldmark reports.

ALEX GOLDMARK: Gamers want to buy PlayStation 3, but Sony hasn't made enough to meet demand.

Rod Bare is an Analyst at Morning Star Research.

ROD BARE: It's too early to say it has been a flop, but the low sales numbers are due to shortages.

That's because Sony's had problems installing some components like a Blu-ray DVD player. Nintendo hasn't pushed the technology too much. Instead, they've focused more on casual gamers.

BARE: Nintendo has come in with games that are a little bit simpler they also have some innovative motion sensing technology in the controller itself.

So swing it like a racket and you're playing tennis. But Bare says it'll take a lot of tennis to match Sony's overall 36 percent market share.

I'm Alex Goldmark, for Marketplace.