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SCOTT JAGOW: So now, maybe you're thinking about decorating the house for the holidays.Not to be a Grinch, but that could be a bad idea if you're trying to sell your home. Here's Alex Cohen.

ALEX COHEN: Best to keep the inflatable Santas and robotic reindeer in the attic this season if you're home is on the market. Real estate professionals say it could make the difference over how fast it sells.

Susan Childers of the home staging firm Haskell House Studios says buyers want to envision a home as theirs, which may be hard to do if your house is cluttered with the spirit of Christmas, Hanukah or Kwanzaa.

SUSAN CHILDERS: Not everyone that views your home is of that faith and you just want to keep it neutral, no giant things, or nothing that's all through your house.

If you must decorate, Childers recommends putting modest items on your mantel if you have one since that will highlight the bonus feature of a fireplace.

I'm Alex Cohen for Marketplace.