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MARK AUSTIN THOMAS: The news James Bond film is being used as recruitment tool by the British intelligence agency MI6. Stephen Beard reports from London.

STEPHEN BEARD: MI6 is cashing in on the latest Bond movie, seeking new recruits on the back of the film's publicity.

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As the movie premiered here this week, actual serving spooks gave their first broadcast interviews.

With his voice disguised , one of them spoke on BBC radio about the joys of being a secret agent, pointing out they have no license to kill.

AGENT:"The job of the service is to obtain intelligence and to help prevent, for example, terrorist attacks. And in doing that we work under UK law, so there's absolutely no room in that for killing people".

MI6 needs more agents for the war on terror and says a career in the service can be can be highly satisfying. But not perhaps as glamorous as 007's.

Among the staff benefits on offer, there's a "take your bicycle to work" scheme.

In London this is Stephen Beard for Marketplace.

THOMAS:"Casino Royale" opens up in the U.S. tomorrow.