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BOB MOON: The Dubai-based airline company Emirates may review its $13 billion order for 43 new Airbus super-jumbo jets. Company executives are upset over the prospect of further delays in delivery of the plane. Stephen Beard has more from London.

STEPHEN BEARD: Emirates is infuriated that the A380, already a year behind schedule, now faces further delays. Airbus says a problem with wiring is to blame.

Emirates has every reason to be angry says Justin Urquart-Stewart of Seven Investment. Dubai's economy depends on its role as a business hub and tourist center.

He says the airline and indeed the government of Dubai have been banking on the plane to fly in millions of extra visitors.

JUSTIN URQUART-STEWART: If they haven't got these planes ready then that actually affects part of the national economic design so serious times for Airbus and you could easily see some cancellations here.

Analysts say the airline might cancel a couple of planes just to send a message. That would be a huge embarrassment for Airbus and an opportunity for Boeing.

In London, this is Stephen Beard for Marketplace.