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MARK AUSTIN THOMAS: Speaking of billions of dollars . . . well, that's just a joke, but millions will certainly be at stake in Britain where a very expensive divorce proceeding between Paul and Heather McCartney is looming. Stephen Beard reports from London that both have hired the same lawyers who took part in one of Britain's most famous marital splits.

STEPHEN BEARD: This will be a battle royal in every sense.

Paul McCartney has hired the lawyer that represented Prince Charles in his divorce a decade ago, while Heather has opted for the one that represented Diana.

The Princess got more than $30 million, a hefty settlement for Britain at the time. But the McCartney case seems likely to put that sum in the shade says Ludo Hunter-Tilney, Entertainment Correspondent for the Financial Times.

LUDO HUNTER-TILNEY: Heather Mills McCartney, who it's said, it's been reported, turned down a so-called quickie divorce which would have given her about $55 to $60 million. It's thought that she could get as much as $400 million.

The wealthiest pop star in the world should be able to handle that, unlike Prince Charles who had to borrow money from the Queen to pay his settlement.

Paul McCartney is reputed to be worth more than $1.5 billion.

In London, this is Stephen Beard for Marketplace.