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SCOTT JAGOW: Later this week, President Bush will spend some time at his ranch in Crawford, Texas. And he'll have a new neighbor: war protestor Cindy Sheehan. Scott Tong explains why this is a big deal in Crawford.

SCOTT TONG: Sheehan paid $52,000 for a five-acre plot of land in Crawford. She used proceeds from her son Casey's military life insurance payout. He died in Iraq two years ago.

The new space for protesters is five times bigger than last year's: There's more parking and there are trees.

KAY LUCAS: There will be shade for people that they didn't have out at the other site. And in Texas that's very important in August.

That's Crawford peace activist Kay Lucas.

Now Sheehan did not purchase the land directly. A friend bought it for her.

LUCAS: Probably no one would have sold Cindy Sheehan some property. Because people in Crawford are very protective of George Bush.

Last year's protest site was no longer an option. The owner of that land reportedly had a tiff with Sheehan over liability insurance on the property.

I'm Scott Tong for Marketplace.

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