SCOTT JAGOW: Disney said today it's buying a cable TV channel in India. It's called hun-GAH-muh. The channel is for kids who speak the Hindi language. Miranda Kennedy now on why this might be a good move for Disney.

MIRANDA KENNEDY: As a market, kids TV in India is still just a toddler. Last year, it only made $26 million advertising dollars, but that was a 16% increase from the year before.

With today's acquisition, Disney's betting the expansion will continue. It's already launched two kids channels of its own.

Nicki Parkinson is head of Disney's Asia operations.

NICKI PARKINSON: We see the Indian market as showing huge growth potential. And it was an opportunity to secure further shelf space and a foundation for future growth.

Parkinson says Disney plans to use its TV presence to build brand recognition in India. Then it can start selling toys and clothes.

But, she warns, India's infrastructure isn't quite ready to support a theme park, so it'll be a while before Disneyworld takes Delhi.

In New Delhi, I'm Miranda Kennedy for Marketplace.