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MARK AUSTIN THOMAS: Are you confused about Medicare prescription coverage for yourself or a family member? With more than 1,400 drug plans across the country, it can be confusing. Marketplace's Hillary Wicai tells you who not to look to for answers.

HILLARY WICAI: A new US Government Accountability Office report suggests you might not want to call the insurance companies for answers about Medicare Drug Benefit Program.

Investigators made nearly 900 calls to 10 of the largest insurance companies sponsoring drug plans. Callers only got accurate information one third of the time.

The GAO's Leslie Aronovitz wrote the report.

LESLIE ARONOVITZ:"And we're quite convinced that the questions we asked were absolutely ones that the plans themselves should be able to answer. We're only asking questions about the plans that they're offering."

The federal agency that overseas Medicare and a trade group representing the insurance companies both dispute the findings.

In Washington, I'm Hillary Wicai.