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SCOTT JAGOW: Smokers wanting to quit? Here's something else to try: a new pill from Pfizer, called Varenicline.

Today, the Journal of the American Medical Association releases three studies about it. Now, the studies were paid for by Pfizer, but they do suggest it's easiest to quit smoking after taking this pill for a year.

Analyst Les Funtleyder says considering how many people fail to quit smoking, Pfizer could have a $400 million drug here.

LES FUNTLEYDER: "In general that's not considered a blockbuster, but it's a nice size drug, and given that Pfizer needs to replace numerous products that are going off patent in its pipeline, it'll be helpful."

The FDA has already approved Varenicline.

A lot of smokers buy whitening toothpaste I'm sure. Might want to check out the latest Consumer Reports. They tested 41 brands of toothpaste and found no real link between claims of whitening and actual stain-removing.

Only one brand stood out as a stain-remover: Ultrabrite All-in-One Advanced Whitening.