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SCOTT JAGOW: Microsoft probably owns your computer desktop at work, right? Well, apparently that's not enough for the software giant. Bill Gates now wants your phone too. Here's Lisa Napoli.

LISA NAPOLI: Cisco and Nortel, look out. The House of Gates has announced it wants to own the business telephone market.

Ina Fried of knows why:

INA FRIED:"So for them to grow their business, which Wall Street really wants them to do, they really do need to find new lands to conquer and this is one of the big ones they're going after."

Fried says the race to own the so-called "unified communications" market is going to be a competitive one.

Lots of companies want to bring together voice mail, e-mail and other digital communications.

But the almighty Microsoft's already pledged $10 billion to the concept and has that infamous knack for big-footing the little guys. Remember Netscape?

In Los Angeles, I'm Lisa Napoli for Marketplace.