MARK AUSTIN THOMAS: US soccer fans like to think we're the only country struggling to score in the sport. But we're not. Australia hasn't been to the World Cup in 32 years. But Marketplace's Ethan Lindsey says, this time round they have a secret weapon.

ETHAN LINDSEY: The Australian team — the Socceroos — are using computers, to game plan.

Sydney-based Sportstec makes the software. CEO Philip Jackson says five other teams are customers too.

PHILIP JACKSON: "Every team serious about winning needs to use every tool they. And if you look at your American football, for years they've been using film and I guess we've just made a more efficient means of using film."

The Socceroos use the program to pore over opponents' histories and find holes.

The team has surprised thus far, and Sportstec could get an even bigger boost if Australia beats Croatia today.

I'm Ethan Lindsey for Marketplace.

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