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TESS VIGELAND: He maybe over the hill but he's back on the mound. Newly un-retired pitching ace Roger Clemens is back in Houston and playing for the Astros. He's scheduled to toss against the Minnesota Twins tomorrow. Clemens' return wasn't cheap, but as Ethan Lindsey reports, the team is still likely to profit.

ETHAN LINDSEY: Roger Clemens can still throw a baseball 90 miles per hour. But he's 43 years old and that's an age when most players have hung up their cleats.

So instead of signing a long-term deal, Clemens inked a $12 million contract to pitch half a season.

But don't expect to see other retired hurlers follow his lead, says writer Derek Jacques with Baseball Prospectus.

DEREK JACQUES: "Roger Clemens is a unique player. And it's a bit comparable to what happened to Michael Jordan after his retirement."

For the Astros, the investment is likely a good one too.

Last year, about 3,000 more fans showed up at the ballpark when Clemens pitched. And if he rockets them into the World Series like he did last year, the team will more than recoup his part-time salary.

I'm Ethan Lindsey, for Marketplace.

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