SCOTT JAGOW: Brazil plays its first match in the World Cup today. When the five-time champion takes the field, in Brazil everything will stop. Paulo Prada reports from Rio.

PAULO PRADA: Schools, shops, even banks close when the country's trademark yellow jerseys hit the field. But the tournament is also a substantial business opportunity.

Retailers have reaped record sales of televisions. Power companies are buying extra electricity to meet the surge in demand.

Even the government is taking part. It's investing over $10 million to promote Brazilian products to tournament goers in Germany.

[ Brunoro comments in Portuguese ]

That's Jose Carlos Brunoro, a SA£o Paulo marketing consultant.

He says the quadrennial tournament is a unique opportunity to capitalize on Brazil's dominance of the sport.

In victories past, Brazilian consumers have registered their pride with massive spending sprees.

From Rio de Janeiro, this is Paulo Prada, for Marketplace.