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SCOTT JAGOW: Instant messaging can be a problem for businesses. Employees chatting with friends aren't getting a lot of work done. But IMing also might bring some nasty enemies into the office. Here's Alex Cohen.

ALEX COHEN: Security experts found nearly 2,400 viruses, worms and other threats known as malware last year. They're often downloaded when users click on a link appearing in the text of an IM.

Andrew Lochart is with Postini, an e-mail and IM security firm. He says the malware concerns come as businesses rely more on IM to communicate with employees and clients.

ANDREW LOCHART: In a number of different industries IM is being adopted by customer support departments because their customers are asking for IM to be a way that they can communicate.

IM filtering services are available for a price. But the cheapest way to stay safe is to make sure employees don't click on links to unfamiliar sites.

I'm Alex Cohen for Marketplace.