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1 week vacation per year in 2 bedroom, 2 bath oceanfront suite with full kitchen in 3 - 4 star accomodations. Price reflects $8000 purchase price and $700 annual maintenance fee for 20 years. Effective cost is $157.14 per night. Assumes $0 residual value, $0 mortgage interest or tax deduction.

rsmacgregor's picture rsmacgregor

It's not a hotel. Is this a good alternative for a family getaway?

George Judson's picture George Judson

If lyou really like a place and want to return to it every year -- and returning to a place regularly is a real value -- this could well be worth it. What's important, and the poster acknowledges this, is that it's not an investment.

MiguelSTG's picture MiguelSTG

Locking up your money in one location for 20 years seems silly to me. Over the course of 20 years you most likely want to visit other locations, have children or have them move away, want to bring friends, or other life changes.