Christian Louboutin pumps

Christian Louboutin pumps... is it worth it?
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Lasts: 6year
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Patent leather peep toe shoe, made in Italy, 4 3/4" high. These are not daily footwear; you can wear them on the weekends to the galleries, about five times a month.

Voodoo48's picture Voodoo48

$850 bucks for shoes...$850 for shoes....$850 for shoes that would give me nosebleeds, altitude sickness and permanent ankle problems...$850 for shoes that would actually handicap me from getting to the ONE bathroom in the whole house...I would have to see who is wearing them...

George Judson's picture George Judson

A  lot of cultural context here. Andy Warhol drew illustrations of shoes that were based on (or mirrorred) Chnese bound feet. Before he became Andy Warhol.

These are not pumps. They're stilletoes.

But maybe... as Louis C.K. would say... but maybe....  wearing these shoes every so often, standing tall, makes you feel great. If so, it's worth it.