Brita water filter

Brita water filter... is it worth it?
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Lasts: 2month
Used: 4x per days
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A Brita water filter cleans out the impurities from wonderful Los Angeles municipal water. Pitcher not included. You get one filter that will last about two months, and you refill that pitcher often, especially in L.A.

Ethan Lindsey's picture Ethan Lindsey

This is definitely worth it in LA. If you live somewhere else, with better water, why waste the money?

jackson1430's picture jackson1430

yea LA water is not great, but if you get a charcoal britta filter, you can distill cheap vodka and create smooth premium tasting vodka as good as the Goose for 10 times less. Premium vodka is just distilled more times, so run the cheap stuff through your britta... and now every frat party just got a little classier

paddyh's picture paddyh

I love Brita. Bottled water is one of the most successful scams perpetrated on an utterly gullible public in the last decade.

Voodoo48's picture Voodoo48

Your landfill will thank you....