2013 Ford Focus

2013 Ford Focus... is it worth it?
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Travel to work with a 110 mile round trip per day. At $3.40 per gallon of gas, 38 average MPG, it's about $9.54 a day or about $50.00 a week. Plus parking at $3.75 a week, it works out to $53.75 a week.

tkm3rd's picture tkm3rd

Not to mention, it's fun to drive!

AmexNYSE's picture AmexNYSE

Lots of miles! I like the 2001 model I have. Depends on what your options are. A train ride (if available) each way could allow you to relax, work or read.

Dfsd852's picture Dfsd852

Honda civic will cost a bit less and has a better resale value

George Judson's picture George Judson

Part of the cost is the 110-mile round trip. What's up with that beyond the cost of gas?

I've pulled a couple of long commutes, so no judging, but what else goes into the equation besides mileage?

Fringe's picture Fringe

I bought one in January for $18K, no bargaining. I adore it.