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Joseph Kim's escape from North Korea

Aug 28, 2015
He came from one of the most isolated economies in the world to the U.S.
Posted In: North Korea, refugee, starvation
Carlos Valdez at his new apartment in Highland Park.

Entrepreneur starts over in Highland Park

Aug 25, 2015
A computer repairman confronts losing his home and business.
Posted In: highland park, gentrification, los angeles
The Highland Park Swap Mall used to be full of vendors selling discounted items like clothing and cell phone accessories. Upstairs was a residential hotel for low-income men. Most of the tenants are now gone, and the new owner has different plans for the

Highland Park Swap Mall: A Year Later

Aug 20, 2015
The brick building was home to men living on the edge, looking out for each other.
Posted In: highland park, gentrification, real estate

York & Fig: Where are they now?

Aug 20, 2015
We return to Highland Park for the second episode of the gentrification podcast.
Posted In: los angeles, gentrification, highland park
The bus tour makes a stop at a gourmet vegan-friendly donut shop in Highland Park.

Lowe's takes a magical millennial bus tour

Aug 13, 2015
One of America's biggest retail companies learns about new consumer habits.
Posted In: Lowe's, neighborhoods, demographics

York & Fig: A Look Back

Aug 13, 2015
Marketplace’s Wealth and Poverty team revisits Highland Park, one year later.
Posted In: los angeles, gentrification, highland park

Straight out of a changed Compton, 27 years later

Aug 12, 2015
The city would like to distance itself from the violent portrayal in a new biopic.
Posted In: movie, Compton, biopic
People gather in the community that was formerly the St. Bernard housing projects, which flooded during Hurricane Katrina, on May 10, 2015 in New Orleans, Louisiana. The projects have been transformed into what is now known as Columbia Parc at the Bayou D

A public housing project reborn in New Orleans

Aug 10, 2015
Ambitious mixed-income development with an emphasis on education has its critics.
Posted In: New Orleans, Columbia Parc, Housing, housing project

How independent businesses kept New Orleans afloat

Aug 10, 2015
After Katrina, small retailers shook off the devastation and got back to work.
Posted In: Hurricane Katrina, New Orleans, independent businesses

Banking on a New Orleans recovery

Aug 4, 2015
When New Orleans flooded, Liberty Bank — itself devastated — helped to rebuild.
Posted In: bank. New Orleans, flood, rebuilding
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