Tale of two incomes: If you have less money than your friends...

Joe Biden hosts a dinner.

A friend calls and says "hey, let's go try that new restaurant on Fletcher Street," you hear, "let's go to that new ultra-expensive new restaurant on Fletcher Street."

You want to go, but you look at your bank account and know you shouldn't.

We've all been there, having to make hard decisions when our friends have more money than we do.

So how is a social butterfly like yourself to cope? Fortunately, we have a guide, Samantha Sharf of Forbes explains her guide to having less money than your friends.

"We like to believe that friendship and finance have nothing to do with each other. But in reality, unmitigated economic differences can cause awkwardness in the best of circumstances, and resentment in the worst."

About the author

Samantha Sharf writes on money for Forbes.


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