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Letters: Your reactions to Money Through the Ages

Apr 1, 2011
Tess Vigeland talks with New York Times columnist Ron Lieber about reader and listener reactions to our collaboration, Money Through the Ages.

Being cautious in the face of opportunity

Apr 1, 2011
Susanna Wilson, the 70-year-old dressmaker interviewed for our series, Money Through the Ages, says she was overwhelmed by orders from listeners who heard her story of living without retirement. Now she gets advice on managing a growing business.
Posted In: Retirement, Small Business

A big money decision before retirement

Mar 25, 2011
Most people want to kick back and relax in their 60s, but Tess Vigeland and the New York Times' Tara Siegel Bernard about one couple who are considering investing in and running a motel, instead of retiring.
Posted In: Jobs, Retirement

The financial challenges gay couples face

Mar 25, 2011
The New York Times' Tara Siegel Bernard discusses the financial and legal issues gay couples face through the example of Amanda and Kay Shelton, a lesbian couple living in Michigan.
Posted In: Personal Finance

What to do when you haven't saved enough for your 70s

Mar 25, 2011
The 70s are often when people are sitting back and enjoying the fruits of decades of labor. But many older Americans haven't saved enough for their golden years and are barely clinging on.
Posted In: Retirement

The financially fabulous 40s

Mar 25, 2011
Commentator J.D. Roth talks about why he's feeling optimistic and financially secure about his future.
Posted In: Retirement

Waking up to financial realities in your 30s

Mar 25, 2011
Tess Vigeland talks to the New York Times' Paul Sullivan about the new set of financial responsibilities people in their thirties face.
Posted In: Retirement

To take or not to take on college debt?

Mar 25, 2011
We're starting our series on life through a financial lens at our teens. Tess Vigeland talks to the New York Times's Ron Lieber about a teenager who's trying to balance financial responsibility and college debt.
Posted In: Education, Savings

The financial lives of the 'Boomerang Generation'

Mar 25, 2011
Tess Vigeland visits one 20-something who's living with her parents, loaded with debt and facing slim job prospects.
Posted In: Jobs, Savings

Financial planning to live 'til 95 and beyond

Mar 25, 2011
Financial planner Denby Brandon discusses money issues for people in their 80s and how to plan for your retirement.
Posted In: Retirement

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