Asking for charity for the first time

Sherman Wilburn


Kai Ryssdal: There's no illusion about the level of need this year. Even people who are used to giving are now having to ask for help. Sherman Wilburn is a newcomer to that side of charity. Thanks for joining us.


Ryssdal: I hear some kids in the background there, is that right? Who do you have?

WILBURN: Yes it is, that's my grandchildren.

Ryssdal: How many of them?

WILBURN: Right now, I've got roughly about eight in the house.

Ryssdal: And just you? Eight kids and just you?

WILBURN: Eight grandchildren. No my son, and two of my daughters and daughter-in-law are here at the present time.

Ryssdal: Now, I understand you've had to ask for some help in taking care of these grandkids this year, is that right?

WILBURN: Oh yeah, thankfully my son just recently went back to work, so that alleviates some of it. But in the meantime trying to play catch up with everything is kinda rough. Unfortunately, they won't see any Christmas this year until later, a little here, a little there, and things such as that and everything. But we'll be grateful for a family dinner and coming together.

Ryssdal: You're able to put food on the table?

WILBURN: Yeah, it gets tight and rough and everything, but we learn how to stretch meals. We eat a lot of chicken.

Ryssdal: Can I ask you Mr. Wilburn how you go about getting extra help you need from charities and other aid groups this time of year.

WILBURN: Well, in Minnesota it's kinda tight for a man. A woman can always get help in pretty much any direction from most all agencies. With a man he has to prove his point a little bit stronger and harder. Asking for help these days with the economy being what it is, most agencies are short on funds, and it's very tight and hard for them to get.

Ryssdal: So how do you get things like school supplies for the kids, and new clothes, and all of the rest of that?

WILBURN: Well, I have legal custody of my great nephew, and this year I haven't been able to buy any clothes for him. He's wearing things from last year and basically hand-me-downs. And he is in desperate need. We're trying to find a way now to get him a winter coat.

Ryssdal: In Minnesota?

WILBURN: Yes, yes, definitely in Minnesota you need one. Right now this time of year it's still cool enough to where you need some forms of a heavy coat on.

Ryssdal: Now I understand this is your first year sort of being on the receiving end of charity and aid. But you've been on the flip side, you've been giving and participating in relief groups for your whole life now.

WILBURN: Yes, I've donated where I could and when I could with time, as well as financially and monetary. I was raised with the attitude that you do what you can to help someone else and step up to the plate. And I strongly believe that what I do will be returned to me someday, someway, somehow.

Ryssdal: Sherman Wilburn in Minneapolis, Minn. Thanks so much for your time, sir.

WILBURN: You got it.

[EDITOR'S NOTE: People interested in helping Mr. Wilburn and his family can request his contact information through the Comments box below. Marketplace will send the information to the e-mail address you submit with your request.]

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Mr. Wilburn's story touched me tremendously. My heart goes out to all those like Mr. Wilburn who have worked hard to provide for their families for years and are now going through touch times. I too would like to be able to provide help to Mr. Wilburn and his family. I hope you will make a way available for getting needed clothes and funds for food, etc. to he and his family. Thanks for the story!

I would like to provide some assistance to the Wilburn family or other families you are interviewing, please let me know how I can do that. thanks,

We're looking into the best way to put you all in contact with Mr. Wilburn. We'll post the information here as soon as we get it. Thanks!

I am ready to help just let me know how

I would like to send a cash donation to Mr. Wilburn. You may forward my email to him or send me an address to mail a check to him. Thank you
Jennifer Van Natta
Palo Alto, CA

I hope you will make some way of donating available to those of us who want to help. Thanks

Please let us help too! We are struggling but are blessed enough to have Christmas for our kids.

We would love to coordinate gifts for his grandchildren.

Repeating what the prior commenters asked: where can I send money or gift cards to get his nephew clothes?


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