Question: Any budgeting software recommendations?

I've just completed my graduate program studies and landed a job. I'd like to reevaluate my budget, now that I'm not longer a student, but I want to find competitive, user-friendly budget software that is compatible with Mac and allows me to manage all accounts in one place (checking/credit/money market/ira). Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Hi! Most budgeting software programs on the market are mac compatible. I'd advise shopping about a bit and road-testing them to see what fits for you. I'm going to direct you to a great Forbes article from last year that lists 12 good options.  

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I used Quicken for years, but became increasingly dissatisfied as it suffered from feature-bloat and mandatory sunset clauses that forced you to upgrade whether you wanted to or not. In addition the Mac version is sub-par at best and lacks many features. I personally use Moneydance and have been happy with it. It has a good free trial option, so it's relatively risk-free, and excellent customer support. It lacks a couple features that quicken has and doesn't support quite as many financial institutions, but if it supports the ones you use, that's a non-issue. iBank is another program that wasn't in the Forbes article that many people like.
I have started using a program called, "You Need A Budget", or YNAB for short, at . This programs starts you on the bath of budgeting & soon to live off of last months income. I haven't begun to live off of last month's income yet but this program has been well worth it. Both my wife & I are now really aware of where our money goes & haven't found ourselves int he red since we started using it. It is really great & I recommend checking it out.
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