Happy (Financial) Independence Day

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I'm not ready to retire yet...it's at least 10-15 years away...so, to me, Financial Independence means the ability to take any job that interests me without concerning myself about what I'll be paid. Maybe it's all volunteer, maybe it's low-pay, maybe it's high-pay. It's "follow your passion without worry"

I can't help remembering what I was so sure of back in '06, when the debates over the bailouts were so prevalent. I was so positive that if "we" could be bailed out, say 1 million per tax payer, how everything would have turned out differently. No foreclosures, less bankruptcy and the benefits go on & on. I was told on numerous occasions, the common folk do not know how to save the economy. I'd love to hear some conjecture from those in the know, where we would be now, if that had happened instead. Thanks for your consideration.

Financial independence means to me that you make your own choices. I have a payee and I'm on Social Security so I am not by worldly persons considered independent, and yet I make choices and the payee helps me meet my goals, within my means. There are definitely goals I do not meet due to restrictions of means; however, I'm not in a nursing home or foster care and I do get around in a car, so I am very happy with that. Financial independence to me also means having a car and being able to drive it out of town and back, not just around town.

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