@LiveMoney: Do women tweet their own horn at work?

You follow @LiveMoney, yes?

Just like advertisers, we too know the power of social media.

So, we invited Marketplace Money producer and social media maven (his words, not ours) Raghu Manavalan from behind his keyboard into the studio today to give us a rundown of what's getting traction on Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, AOL chatrooms and more.

We asked our female listeners to tell us if they felt comfortable promoting themselves at work, after our story last week, "Why women don't roar at work."

And yes, with Valentine's Day around the corner, we're curious about how you plan to live money on that day. Hit us up on Facebook about your frugal gift ideas or what love & money questions you have!

About the author

Raghu Manavalan is a producer for Marketplace Weekend.


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