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2012 tax season: Later deadline, smaller refund?

Apr 16, 2012
Tax procrastinators, breathe easy. This year's deadline is tomorrow, April 17th. There's extra time because April 15th fell on a Sunday this year, and today is Emancipation Day in the District of Columbia.
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Silly taxes historically made for clever dodgers

Apr 13, 2012
Throughout history, rulers have imposed taxes on everything from wigs to windows, but astute tax avoiders have always found a way to escape them.
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Married, domestic partnership or something else?

Apr 13, 2012
While some states have legalized gay marriage, the federal government has not -- which puts many same-sex couples at a loss on how to properly file their federal taxes.
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Sorry Beatles, but you can buy love.

Hey 'Taxman,' take a listen to this!

Apr 13, 2012
Former disc jockey and current Marketplace reporter Bob Moon shares 1040-themed songs over the decades.
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Letters: Taxes!

Apr 13, 2012
Host Tess Vigeland along with Sr. Producer Paddy Hirsch and tax expert Louis Barajas answer listener tax questions and emails.
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Stricter credit impacts rapid tax refund

Apr 27, 2010
Last year, more than 8 million people got tax returns early through rapid refunds, loans which tend to come with high fees and interest rates. But the Fed's clampdown on credit could kill those loans off. Alisa Roth reports.
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Pay tax with reward points? Bad idea.

Apr 14, 2010
American Express is offering its customers the option to pay their taxes with rewards points. But Bob Moon explains why it's impossible to completely pay off your taxes with points, and why the move could damage your credit.
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Answering to both God and Uncle Sam

Apr 9, 2010
Reporter Sally Herships profiles Nikia Robert -- a woman who left Wall Street to work as both a minister and a tax preparer.
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Tax day: Annual whack upside the head

Apr 9, 2010
Commentator Harriet Brackey says the pain you feel on tax day isn't all bad.

China's national sport: tax evasion?

Apr 9, 2010
Scott Tong reports on the widespread game of tax evasion in China.
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Tax season is a good time for Americans to pay attention to their finances and become more in tune with the impact their tax dollars have on public services. Or for some, it's a time to wait around anxiously for a tax return. Either way, Tax day never goes unnoticed on Marketplace's calendar. Our coverage delves into the annual must with a look at how different folks handle their taxes, how the IRS works now and how voting on your tax distribution can engage you as a citizen. And if doing your taxes feels a lot like a whack in the head, you're not alone.

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