Getting Personal

Getting Personal

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You might consider telling the audience and the caller Emily that there is a decent no-load mutual fund that is shariah compliant available through http://www.amanafunds.com/. I don't work for them, but have been very satisfied with their service and performance over the past 6 years. Only $250 to open an IRA and $25 for subsquent investments.

For the caller who is getting married and wants to talk about money with her partner, there are books on Couples and Money that might be helpful.

Please tell me the web site that offers student loan help. I heard "thinaid".
What was the site?
Thank you.
PS I had an IDA account and started saving $15/mo with my local credit union. It was matched one to one and my $1,000 helped pay for marketing materials that totaled $2,000. My gratitude is huge, I'm a regular saver today because of the IDA program.

Kathy Kristoff is a breath of fresh air compared to others (on your network) that deal with financial issues. She is compassionate, knowledgeable, gives an answer to a question that is asked and does so without the sense of superiority I have felt with other commentators. Thank you Kathy for providing helpful guidence combined with civility and respect for your callers.

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