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Jocelyn Taub, a job-hunting marketing professional, works on a puzzle with a three-year-old girl while babysitting for extra money in New York City. Taub has worked in the music promotion and radio business her whole career, but was let go from her job 10 months ago and has been job searching ever since. To make ends meet, she's been working odd jobs in offices for friends and is doing some babysitting. 'I've seen downturns before, but it's never been like this,' she says.

Hi everyone,

I’ve been off working with the Marketplace team, creating a brand new show. Starting the weekend of June 28th, Marketplace Money becomes Marketplace Weekend.

Our mission is simple: Marketplace Weekend will connect you to the world of money.

What does that mean? We’re going to explore all parts of our economic world. What's happening here, around the world, in your wallet and in your life. My philosophy is that money is a prism through which we see ourselves. The choices we make – or have to make – with it, tell us about who we are as individuals, families, countries, societies.

But the show is not just about what I think. It’s a dialogue. In addition to the radio show, we’re also hosting online conversations about what’s happening in the world, and we want those conversations to start with you. What we learn online will be a key part of building the radio show. We want to incorporate your thoughts and your voices.

I’m inviting you to be a charter member of our Marketplace Weekend community. We want your help in building our conversations and testing our new website. Throughout the week, the Marketplace Weekend team will share our thoughts and takes on some of the issues we’re all trying to work through. This week, we want to know, are you part of the 'gray economy'? $2 trillion exists under the table in the U.S., are you selling Tupperware or playing poker to get by?

Tell us what you think by visiting (the name stays until the relaunch). There, you’ll see buttons that let you write us, tell us and tweet us. Below those buttons, you can follow the conversation as it goes.

Thanks and I’ll see you online. Let’s chat.


About the author

Lizzie O'Leary is the host of Marketplace Weekend.


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