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Chinese firm first to sponsor World Cup

Jun 18, 2010
If you catch a World Cup game on TV, keep your eyes on the billboards circling the field. Rob Schmitz noticed something new in between the Adidas and McDonald's signs: the World Cup's first Chinese sponsor.

World Cup security guards strike in wage dispute

Jun 15, 2010
World Cup security guards are protesting low wages with strikes in multiple host cities.
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World Cup 2010 opens with high hopes of prosperity

Jun 11, 2010
South Africa rejoices as the World Cup 2010 opens to an electric mood in Johannesburg and hopes for economic growth.
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Will S. Africa World Cup benefit locals?

Jun 10, 2010
Six years and $4 billion after South Africa won the right to host this year's World Cup, the first match will soon kick off. Locals are hoping that all the investment in new airports and stadiums will pay off. But Christopher Werth reports not all the expectations for the World Cup's big payoff are going to be realized.
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World Cup pushes out South Africa's poor

Jun 3, 2010
South Africa has spent more than $2 billion on infrastructure to get ready for the World Cup. But critics say a lot of the money is pushing aside the poor.
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