What's in your wallet, Andrea Dundas?

A dealer at a blackjack table.

Andrea Dundass: Hi, my name is Andrea Dundas and I live North Hollywood, Calif. We're in front of the Disney Concert Hall. What's in my wallet? OK, cash, my credit cards, my Blockbuster card -- still have my Blockbuster card. Stamps, my "how to play blackjack card." You can buy it at the gift stores in Las Vegas. It basically tells you what to hit and what to stay, 'cause I'm still learning blackjack so I want to know the rules. So it's like a little cheat card. So, the card lists the numbers -- two through ace -- on one side and then it shows you what your pairs would potentially be, what it would add up to. And then based on what you have in your hand, you can decide whether you're going to split, hold or stay. I was last in Vegas in April for my birthday. I did win. I won about $2,000. The card works!

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