What's in your wallet, Peter Karvonen?

Peter Karvonen: My name is Peter Karvonen. I'm the owner of Faith Skateboard shop in downtown Birmingham. My wallet's in my back pocket. What's in my wallet... This is my key card to the hostel that we stayed at in Ireland. The program that brought us over to Ireland was A.Skate Foundation. We do skateboard clinics for children with autism.

I have a driver's license, three credit cards that are almost maxed out... And let's see, I have my very first dollar that my business ever made in 1995. Deep in here somewhere. Very first dollar I ever made, but I can't find it. It's kind alike a good luck charm, like the very first dollar my shop ever made, and 16 years later, here I am still doing it. Shoot, one day there probably won't even be dollar bills around, but hopefully my shop will be around.

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