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The Addiction Economy: Russia's illnesses come with high costs

Mar 16, 2011
Russia's low birth rate and high death rate may have huge consequences for its economic prospects. So the government is taking action.
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Guinea Pig Nation: Russia's booming business in clinical trials

Mar 9, 2011
Pharmaceutical companies are flocking to the country to test their drugs. Participants are plentiful and trials move more quickly than in the West.
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The killer cure for alcoholism in Russia

Mar 3, 2011
Alcoholism is costing Russian society and the Russian economy billions in lost income and lost lives every year. From Moscow comes the tale of a tiny pill that's scaring Russians into giving up the alcohol that's killing them.
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Russia's prescription for prosperity

Feb 16, 2011
American pharmaceutical companies want to build their sales in Russia. Russia is eager to let them so long as they build something else, too. Factories.
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